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A small favour: please take the 2024 survey


THANK YOU readers. Without you, Elastic Tribe would not have reached 8 years.

Much appreciated if you fill out a quick survey ... [read more]

Keeping an experimenter mindset


Remember science experiments back in school? When was the last time you asked five why’s in a row?Keeping an experimenter mindset is hard. ... [read more]

My experiment library unveiled


Cooks use knives. Carpenters use hammers. And experimenters use experiment libraries.

Since childhood I have enjoyed libraries. I never thought I would create my own library. Not with books, but with experiments. ... [read more]

The shaping of experimentengines.com


This is the first of three parts to share the journey from thoughtland to reality. Part 1 focuses on the process of shaping. ... [read more]

Let’s start pretotyping!


Sometimes we do things without thinking how to call them. This is my past and present story about pretotyping.

Rewind to the past.

Early in my career, I was Product Manager on Nintendo Wii games. Creating games is an art and a science. There is no magic formula to make fun and sticky games. ... [read more]



How can we stay in touch with reality to allow for infinite possibilities? I aim to inspire, think differently and challenge traditional ideas. [read more]