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THANK YOU readers. Without you, Elastic Tribe would not have reached 8 years.

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Keeping an experimenter mindset


Remember science experiments back in school? When was the last time you asked five why’s in a row?Keeping an experimenter mindset is hard. ... [read more]

Experimentation and Blue Ocean Strategy


I am a big fan of Blue Ocean strategy. In blue oceans competition is irrelevant because the market space is unexplored. Demand has to be created and there is ample opportunity for growth.

One blue ocean strategy tool is the Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create (ERRC) Grid. ... [read more]

Buzz vs Validation


It is easy to get excited about one’s ideas. That excitement increases with comments like “I like it!” and “radical idea!” from friends, colleagues and potential customers. You get a buzz. ... [read more]

Experimentation is intentional


Recently I came across an experimentation evangelist job post that reads: “… our experimentation culture …” I quickly noticed that the word order is not optimal. Much better like this: “… our culture of experimentation … “. Since experimentation is intentional, ... [read more]



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