My experiment library unveiled


Cooks use knives. Carpenters use hammers. And experimenters use experiment libraries.

Since childhood I have enjoyed libraries. I never thought I would create my own library. Not with books, but with experiments. ... [read more]

The shaping of experimentengines.com


This is the first of three parts to share the journey from thoughtland to reality. Part 1 focuses on the process of shaping. ... [read more]

Let’s start pretotyping!


Sometimes we do things without thinking how to call them. This is my past and present story about pretotyping.

Rewind to the past.

Early in my career, I was Product Manager on Nintendo Wii games. Creating games is an art and a science. There is no magic formula to make fun and sticky games. ... [read more]

The convergence of discovery and delivery


Forecasting the future is fun.

With the help of lines we want to explore how we can improve the way we build digital experiences. But first, we need to address the past and the present. ... [read more]

The spectrums of product experimentation


As a child, I have vivid memories of seeing the rainbow in the sky. I also remember pointing plastic pens to the sun to project the visible light spectrum on walls. It was pure magic.

These past experiences have inspired me to envision the spectrums of product experimentation. ... [read more]



How can we stay in touch with reality to allow for infinite possibilities? I aim to inspire, think differently and challenge traditional ideas. [read more]